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I am an artist and art teacher

I am an artist and art teacher

My work is a mixture of approaches as I am interested in many aspects of art, so I am constantly exploring and experimenting with different styles, materials and techniques, on a regular basis. I don’t like to limit myself and tend to let the theme or materials dictate where the work goes.

The abstract paintings are purely spontaneous responses to formal elements such as line, texture, colour and shape which begin with loose, expressive marks and movement, pouring, dripping etc. Multiple layers are added and fine-tuned instinctively, in response to what emerges.

My aim is to take the viewer on a personal, visual journey into their own imagination, through individual associations. Shapes and layers of colour are there to suggest rather than dictate, almost like gazing at shifting clouds, so that the experience of looking and reflection is different for each person. The titles are left equally loose in order to stimulate ideas; they have a personal meaning to me but I expect this to be different for others because we all have a variety of experiences to draw from. It is often a difficult balance to achieve but one that keeps me constantly surprised, challenged and excited by the range of possibilities.

I also enjoy the discipline of more traditional drawing and painting such as portraiture and landscape. I frequently look for inventive ways to tell more about a person using hidden collage, writing or poetry within the painting itself, using multiple layers and mixed-media. I am always happy to receive new commissions and very open to individual ideas.

As well as creating art work I work as a secondary school Art teacher in Singapore. I enjoy providing my students with the skills to realise their innate creativity.

In the past 20 years I have lived, worked and exhibited in Hong Kong, Vietnam, Indonesia and Mexico. I studied at Winchester School of Art, specialising in sculpture and produced designs for the Mexican design company, Zorrilla Diseno  ( for 10 years.


  • My Current Favourite
    My Current Favourite


    'The Hawker'

    This painting was commissioned by the Intercontinental Hotel, to show the fascinating history of the surrounding area. It is a mixed-media piece, made of layers of imagery from vintage photography of Bugis and shows traditional ways of life for people over time. Bugis is rich with interesting stories and eclectic culture, making it a vibrant and limitless resource for inspiration. 



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  • Recent Exhibitions
    Recent Exhibitions


    Danielle’s work over the years has been an eclectic mix of design, portraits, landscapes, collage and sculpture.

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